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Exclusive Offer

We appreciate your trust in our ability to serve you and your family. In thanks, you will receive:

20% courtesy on additional eyewear.
Contact lens patients receive 10% off eyewear.
Senior Citizens’ discount.

Your Comprehensive Examination

We know how important it is to be thorough when it concerns your health. Our comprehensive exam is designed to uncover hidden signs of sight-threatening eye disorders and diseases that cannot be found by a simple vision screening. Your eyes can be affected by seemingly unrelated health conditions.

Dr. Mailhot will review your general health and medical history, including prescription medications. Then he will evaluate the way your eye muscles and pupils work together as a team. This tells the doctor if the nerves and muscles controlling your eyes are working properly or if they require further evaluation. Specialized testing utilizes automated, doctor-controlled instruments and patient-directed methods to determine your best lens prescription.

Visual field testing measures your range of vision, not only off to the sides, but above and below as well. Proper health testing involves using state of the art instruments to view your eyes internally. These painless tests allow us to detect the eye signs of glaucoma, cataracts, hypertension, and even diabetes.

After a thorough eye health examination by Dr. Mailhot, all patients, parents or guardians will be provided with a detailed explanation of the examination’s findings, their significance, options and possible treatment. We will then take the time to answer your questions thoroughly.

Healthy Contact Lens Experience

Rapid advancements in contact lens technology allow more people than ever to enjoy the freedom of contact lens wear. The experts at Family Eye Health & Contact Lens Center specialize in contact lenses, assuring you of comprehensive care and contact lens comfort that you are certain to enjoy.

If you have been told in the past that you could’t wear contact lenses because of astigmatism or bifocals, discuss it with us. We will fit you with bifocal or astigmatic contact lenses that work, otherwise we will buy the lenses back from you! You will also enjoy the opportunity to change your eye color with our wide selection of natural looking tinted contact lenses. Remember, professional expertise is crucial for safe and successful contact lens wear.

Ask about our in office no obligation contact lens trial. Remember, when you purchase contacts, you are not purchasing just contacts, you are receiving the competency and experience of the doctor who has prescribed and provided them for you.


We do things differently here.

We carry quality materials because we want you to get the best optical performance. Because of the quality products we carry, you may think that your glasses are a little more of an investment that you see advertised in the “one hour” shops. Quality products cannot be produced at rock bottom prices.

Since you are investing a little more in your eyewear with us, Family Eye Health and Contact Lens Center want you to know that we stand behind it in the following ways:

Reasons to Buy Your Glasses Here

  1. Highest Quality Materials Available
    1. High tech lens treatments; Crizal no glare, flash mirrors in many color options, and Transitions lenses
    2. Latest lens designs, very lightweight, high definition lenses with larger viewing areas such as Varilux Physio 360 Enhanced
    3. Professional laboratories with international reputation for quality standards that exceed the industry norm
    4. Competitive prices for superior products
  2. Customized Frame Styling
  3. Board Certified Opticians with over 30 years of combined experience
  4. Many fashion eyewear lines: Nine West, Kate Spade, Vera Wang, Ray Ban, Banana Republic and Harley Davidson. 
  5. Personalized frame and lens selection to fit your needs
  6. No charge adjustments and aftercare
  7. Dr. in office for review and concerns
  8. One time replacement warranty period for frame and lenses
  9. Expanded optical gallery
  10. Helpful, friendly, courteous staff
  11. We Stand Behind our Prescriptions
  12. No Charge Warranty on all Glasses
  13. Pleasant Surroundings in Which to Choose Your Eyewear

Eye Exams

Dr. Mailhot and the Family Eye Health & Contact Lens Center team take even routine eye exams very seriously. During a yearly or bi-yearly examination, our Lewiston patients will receive a patient history review, a series of vision and eye tests, assessments of eye focusing and movement, and a comprehensive eye health evaluation. Our optometrist will discuss any additional testing that may be required to diagnose an eye disease or condition. Call us a today at 207-782-9501 to schedule an appointment.

Contact Lenses

Not sure that glasses are for you? Ask our Lewiston staff about contact Lenses. Advances in the field of optometry have produced a variety of different types of contact lenses with a range of benefits.  daily-wear soft, extended-wear softs, daily disposable, planned replacement, rigid gas-permeable (RGP), scleral and hybrids are the various types of contact lens options available today. Our Lewiston optometrist will discuss the various options with you to determine which type will best fit your needs and lifestyle. Schedule your examination today by calling 207-782-9501. There are many advantages to consider when determining if contact lenses are right for you and our knowledgeable staff is here to answer any questions.


Laser assisted in situ keratomileusis, commonly referred to as LASIK, is a corrective alternative to glasses or contact lenses. Like glasses or contact lenses, LASIK is a method for treating refractive conditions including nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism. At Family Eye Health & Contact Lens Center, Dr. Mailhot provides pre- and post-operative exams for LASIK and other eye procedures. Call 207-782-9501 today to schedule an examination to see whether you are a candidate for LASIK.

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